First Caught Swarm for 2018

Hello Keepers’

Caught my first swarm for the season tonight. A big one in a suit a size too small and did not have the Wellington boots on to begin with. Caught a decent sting on right ankle and it is pulsing a bit. Picture is of them on the front veranda. will re Queen in two weeks and then look to trade. Seven frames in brocelli box all new and new foundation as well. Cheers Roland

Hi Roland,

Yes, it does look like a large swarm.

I have recently been playing around with the design of the broccoli box nuc to incorporate a top feeder to give the bees a helping hand upon establishment in their new temp home. Other beekeepers (even yourself) may have had the same idea and come up with the same if not a similar concept. I thought i would share some pics of the design anyway.