Feral Hive - Help Needed

Hello Team,

I have a hive out at Burra which is quite aggressive and needs to be re-queened.

I have just taken a few stings (30 or so) from it and clearly action is needed and it’s a two person job. Seeking an experienced volunteer to help find and kill queen and replace with a professionally bred one.

I used a LOT hessian smoke and it did not make much difference. Hive very productive and there will be about 8 full depth frames to be taken off it as well.



Hi Roland

we can assist you with that by firstly offering to replace her with one of our glorious queen bees that are just a dream to have head up your hive. Also happy to see what we can do to assist you with the process out in the field as a road trip to Burra if need be.



Tel: 0414 501 578

Hello Eric,

That would be kind of wonderful and offer accepted. The hive is hammering, but is just too violent.

Thanks again,