Eucalyptus flowering after bushfire

I was wondering if anyone with experience of the Canberra bushfires remembers how long after the fires eucalyptus trees started flowering again? I have done a lot of research and so far haven’t found any scientific or anecdotal observations on this. Alarmingly the beekeepers in Tassie have been quoted as saying that leatherwoods could take 80 years to reach full flowering again, but they are much slower growing than most of our dry sclerophyll forest varieties up here. Hoping somebody might have some experience to share on this?


I still haven’t found the answer to my original question sadly, but did stumble across this hopeful note in the Victorian Rural Industries book Eric shared recently:

“Eucalypts generally set buds after a spurt of foliage growth. In general, there is then a period of several months to 24 months before the buds open to release the flowers, depending on the particular species.”

It’s been 12 months next week since the bushfire that hit our block. No flowering yet, but given the epic (epicormic) leaf growth on our 20 acres in the past year, we might be in for our best flowering period yet.

Must get new hives before that (hopefully) happens!

Just shy of 13 months post bushfire and we have our first flowers on the E. mannifera (brittle gum). Not many are in flower so far, and the few that are are only lightly peppered with blossom, but it gives me hope for a bumper spring/summer in the year ahead!