Enjoying the 2017 honey harvest - seeing is believing

Hello fellow beekeepers

thought I would share the following images of the honey frames we are harvesting at present, just 10 full depth frames (all drawn out and nicely capped) and these were added to the hive on Jan 4, 2017, so just under four months ago. They got off to a slow start post the christmas cheer I suspect.

Anyway, these frames are all from a single ten frame full depth brood box hive as that is my preference and the results of what can be achieved when managing your bee hives in this way. Also, these were straight foundation frames so the bees had to first draw the foundation before they could fill them. No doubt you too are all enjoying a great honey harvest this year, please share your results on this forum as its always great to see what others are achieving. Oh, and yes the they were uncapped and harvested and placed back on the hive so I will post additional pictures of the planned future harvest prior to getting them ready for winter later this month.

Oh, and yes, the first images shows some extra comb that the bees were building between the top of the Super and the hive mat, that was simply scrumptious…



Bloody beautiful Eric. Nice to see full frames of honey.

Looks good Eric.

Some of my ideal frames from this season.

This super was taken off in February, completely capped after putting the frames in the hive as foundation in November 2016 (a marked on the top of the frames)

Rather than a hot knife, I decided to use a roller for the first time this season, which worked out well (with less cappings to clean up)
Four frame extractor fits eight ideal frames comfortably
Honey straining
At the same time in February I pulled a full depth frame that I ended up gravity straining over three days and managed five jars of honey from it.

The following frames were pulled from hives in March for a beekeeping course (so I had the camera handy)

Keen to see what others have managed over the season!