Effects of constant smoking

Anyone had any experience with the effects of constant bushfire smoke on bees? Have two hives in south canberra, which have been inundated with smoke on a daily basis for the past few weeks and I`m wondering if this affects their behaviour…are they constantly gorging themselves or is it perhaps making them less reactive to being manually smoked when I open the hives? My hives seem to be active even on the worst days…always something flowering in well-watered canberra gardens I guess. Would be interesting if others have had this type of experience in the past…although I realise the severity of the current situation is unique here and elsewhere and may be a new thing for everyone at the end of the day.

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I’m not seeing any drastic behavior change. I notice they are after water heavily even when the temperature is not that high. My usual practice of watching the bees for a 5 min break has been greatly reduced, and I’m not out there in the thick smoke days. When I’m taking out the trash, I still see them foraging on the clover.

Mostly, beesness as usual in the smoke