Drones being evicted

Hi, I attended a 2 day bee keeping course prior to becoming a bee keeper 5 mths ago. I have done much reading & internet searching, but am puzzled why my worker bees are dragging drones out of the hive over the past 2 days. I thought this behaviour was more common in cooler months? The super still has plenty of room for storage & as a result have not harvested. There appears to be abundant food sources in my neighbourhood, & bees are returning carrying good amounts of pollen. I have been providing about 250mls of sugar water per day. Any suggestions please?

More than likely there are too many around and even though it is not cold yet feed supplies are falling and the bees are smart enough to note this. They do nothing and can tend to get in the way.
When they really get serious they will start ripping off their wings and legs.

Maybe there is a lesson here for some or us human families.


Thank you for your reply Mervyn!

There is now 15 drones which are sitting outside the hive! I have not seen more than 4-5 drones on previous hive inspections, so am thinking you are quite correct about the oversupply.

I am still laughing about Mervyn’s comment in regards the removal of legs and wings from drones ,and the possible implications for the human drones. Very relevant to some I come across , very funny . Cheers. Col