Do I have foulbrood?

Just witnessed a worker hauling a pupae out of the hive. Salvaged the damaged pupae and investigated. Do I have foulbrood, or are all pupae ropy when opened?image

Could it be Sacbrood?


This is neither disease mentioned, rather appears to be hygienic behaviour triggered by an event that could have been you or it could have also been triggered by the up and down cold overnight temps / weather, had you opened the hive previous to observing this event?

Sorry if this post comes across rude, as its not meant to be or even sound in that way in the slightest, but it might be a good idea to do a refresher bee course soonish to bring your bee knowledge back up to scratch before you get further down the road into beekeeping.

In the mean time the link below is the best I could fine for anyone needing to refresh for those that want a decent single source of truth…


Thanks Eric, most reassuring!