Colour of the capped brood

I have a 3 tier Styrofoam hive with no queen exclider
Checking the hive yesterday I found that there is capped brood right to the top box The frames are not full of brood but have a combination of uncapped honey capped honey and capped brood,probably nothing unusual there but what I found interesting was that the colour of the capped brood changed between the boxes so much so that the top box brood capping was near white whilst the bottom jobs brood capping were the usual brown colour whilst the middle box brood wad somewhat in between comments thoughts welcomed

This is normal and to be expected. The cappings for the cells include scavenged/recovered wax from elsewhere on the frames. As frames are brooded in more they get darker due to the debris/remnants of cocoons etc. left in the frame. As they are brooded in over and over the frame will darken to the point that it’s almost black.

In your case it sounds like the queen has moved up, and the eggs laid in the top box are using fresh wax that has only been used for honey/pollen storage previously. There are different views on using brood frames for honey, I personally avoid it… but the Warre system of beekeeping uses brooded frames for honey exclusively (based on the way the hives are nardir’d). It causes some serious contention discussing this at the local beekeepers meeting :wink:

All that aside, you will find that the queen may be reluctant to move down again, so a common practice is to move the brood down with the queen, and then add the queen excluder + other supers back on top.

I had a post comparing the colour of comb between frames here: