Challenging relocation at below zero

Two weeks ago I received a call from some arborists who were removing willow trees from a creek bed and had come across a large, active, hive.
Upon inspection I decided it was to cold (below zero) and there was nothing that could be done to save the bees. After a call to Eric the half bee for advise, it was decided to relocate them in the tree.
The tree was suitably cut above and below the hive. A mini excavator was used to support the log and the complete log was placed in the back of my ute.
When I arrived home I discovered that my bobcat wasn’t big enough to get the log/hive out of my ute. (I had no help at this time)
I scouted my property and found a suitable tree to mount a chain block and managed to lift the log high enough to remove the log/hive from the back of the vehicle. I then propped the tree.
To date the bees are doing well, emerging when it is warm enough. The plan is to open up the tree and relocate the hive to a suitable box in spring.
Many thanks to Eric and Jindabyne Landscaping.


Wow! Super impressive recovery, I would let them swarm into a lure hive first, that’s an easy split.