Canberra Bees beekping courses

The weather is showing signs of cooling off after a long dry summer and the days are starting to shorten… another productive season in the apiary is drawing to a close and so are our beekeeping courses.

We’ve had a great season! Canberra Bees has run three beginner courses and one refresher course, releasing more than 60 new beekeepers into the wild.

The 2017/18 season saw Canberra Bee courses move to a new location in Queanbeyan - a picturesque riverside setting, perfect for the bees and keepers alike. In this new home we have been able to continue our unique full-immersion style of teaching we’ve become renowned for. Our students have suited up and been out at the apiary from day one, and spent hours working the hives in small groups from the get-go. Students have continued to tell us that they are leaving the course with the confidence to own and manage a beehive on their own, which is our overarching goal. We are proud to have students finish a Canberra Bees beekeeping course with a solid understanding of how to be responsible beekeepers, managing productive hives with care for both the bees and the greater environment.

The coming 2018/19 spring and summer season promises to be even more exciting, as we have a number of new projects and course plans in the works - watch this space!

There is still plenty to be done by both the bees and you, the beekeepers, over the early autumn months, but as we close up our courses for the season we encourage you to spend time here on the Canberra Bees Forum page to chat with fellow apiarists about what you’re seeing in the hives, what’s still in flower in your area, your plans are over winter for preparing for next season. There is always lively discussion on the Forum, and plenty of people to help answer questions from our newest beekeepers as you start your journey into this amazing hobby.

Thanks again for your interest in beekeeping.


Eric, Hannah & Sam.

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Thanks and a more formal welcome for @TreeDiaries (Hannah) who many beekeepers would have met through the courses we have run this season.

Hannah has been absolutely invaluable in the smooth execution of the courses this season. Luckily she has also agreed to hang around and do it all again when we return in Spring, thanks Hannah! :beers: :smiley:

In the ‘downtime’ between now and the new courses, Hannah, @BBH (Eric) and myself will be working diligently to further develop our course offerings based on feedback we have received from our fellow beekeepers… so keep an eye out for our new additions. :honeybee:

Please join me in welcoming Hannah to our cult group of dedicated bee enthusiasts.


thanks for your write up and the great photos and yes once again WELCOME to the training team.

It was certainly my great pleasure to once again awaken so many new beekeepers as ‘newbees’ to the joyful mysteries of beekeeping.

As Hannah has alluded we have a number of new projects scheduled for Spring 2018 so watch this space to keep a breast of these and also to register your interest in attending.

Keep safe and please don’t forget to contribute to this forum.



Thanks for a great course. I tried once before to send a message but think I didn’t do it correctly. A message for Sam, I was wrong about Flow hive brood box frames, they do still have small holes in sides for wires. I just hadn’t noticed. They are identical to frames we used in course. Thanks again.

Hello everyone

we are hosting another one of our beekeeping courses in Feb 2019 for those that are interested, it will be 3 x 4 hour sessions over consecutive Saturday mornings, our classes are very (very) hands on and thats the best place to learn all about beekeeping, or beekeeping 101.

Also looking at running a 1/2 post intro course for those that have also done one of our introduction courses and yearn to know more (also known as beekeeping 102).

Anyway, please drop me a line and i’ll send you out the course outline and associated registration form.

Kind regards

aka The Honey Bee Whisperer

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 0414 501 578