Canberra 2018 Spring - first bee swarm calls for the season


well the call came in today to rescue the first bee swarm for the 2018 season, in Wanniassa (ACT).

The swarm took up 9 frames in a 10 frame langstroth full depth box, it had hung around since just after lunch yesterday as the householder was under the belief that they would likely move on by themselves. As they hadn’t they called us and I popped around this afternoon and offered them a new home which they seemed more than happy to move in and sign up for the lease…

A good sized swarm that has found a new home and more importantly didn’t move into a hollow log and displace local wildlife or into a wall cavity onto to there cause a nuisance.

Stay safe




Top result there. I thought we would not get our first one until the weekend.

A little later than last season… but looks like a huge swarm to start the season!

Any idea where it came from?

Looks great, well done. We are still way too cold up here.


two more for you collected yesterday, the first in Waramanga and the other Weston…

My daughter sees a heart shape to this swarm, and I must agree with her that is likely nature further highlighting the love that bees bring to the hearts of beekeepers as I see it. (picture on its side sorry so rotate it to the right to see the heart shape in its hanging form).

This second one I have to say certainly looks a hell of a lot like a guitar case, well to me it does anyway, or I have had too many stings and all of this bee venom is slowing turning my brain into mush…




Hi Eric

I have contacted you before regarding my hives and you did supply me with a nuc last year for my then new Flow hive which is going gangbusters thank you. But my original hive swarmed and the remaining bees (much weaker following the swarm) were inundated with hive beetle and passed on. I have destroyed all the frames and thouroughly pressure cleaned the hive so ready for another nuc if you have any to spare. You did mention when I originally wrote to you regarding the hive beetle infestation that you would let me know when you had another nuc available. Please let me know if any available ?

Regards, Chris Lord

Hi Chris

nucs were delayed this year due to the significant drought affecting most of NSW & QLD as this has had a flow on effect to queen breeders in that neck of the woods.

Your bees will be available in the 3rd week of Oct, please contact me offline to discuss, cheers.

0414 501 578