Binjura Bee Yard

This is my Bee Yard

The 2 stack is a 3 year old hive
The top bar has a 1 month old swarm
The single box has a 1 week old swarm

Looking good :smiley:

Did you build the top bar or follow a design?

Do you have information/details on the design? or any photos of inside the hive?

This is the design I followed for the top bar hive

Note I run out of wood for the top bars and used a piece of ply 10 inches wide (BIG MISTAKE)

I will have to work out a way to fix this error when the bees fill some top bars and I can try to replace their Brood area :frowning:

This is the process I used when loading the bees into the top bar hive

Note I waffle a lot in the video

In this video I do an inspection at the one week mark