Bees in the news - and whats wrong with the file image used


I stumbled across the following news article, which I thought was worth sharing because of the ‘file image’ used, for the first beekeeper that can tell me by replying to this post whats wrong with the image used, you win a free stainless steel hive tool, value $20.00

To read the full story the link to this is:

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Hello Eric,

No way that’s 50,000 bees. Second these bees are not found in Sydney, hopefully not Australia, as my untrained eyes say African bees!



PS I have no life!

close but no cigar, sorry, remember thats a file photo

Hi Eric,

As Roland said, these bees shouldn’t be found around the Sydney region…yet. Is it the Asian Honey Bee? I believe they are found in Queensland as they were introduced to Australia in 2007 through the Cairns shipping port.


That isn’t the actual colony that was killed. This is;


The file photo appear to be apis cerana the Asian honeybee.

Hello everyone

Yes Andrew (andrewc) you were the first to respond correctly, the photo is a file image of the Asian Honey Bee.

Thank you for everyone that responded and also for those that replied by text.

Andrew, make yourself known and I will press the prize, a stainless steel hive tool, into your hands…