Beekeeping courses available in the coming Spring

The great news is that we are again running our beekeeping training courses for those new and old to beekeeping.

Feedback from past participants includes;

“wow, I thought I new a thing or two about beekeeping but the course has been a real eye opener.”

" great pace, leant’ a lot and I have kept bees for many years…"

" Thanks for helping me to evolve into a beekeeper, prior to this clearly I was just a keeper of bees."

Small class sizes, emphasis on hands on beekeeping with significant (real) time every session with honeybees, beehives and all things honey related.

Full protective clothing and all associated equipment including the bees supplied, so no need to bring your own.

What is the background of your beekeeping course presenters? - Raised on royal jelly from infancy with the waggle dance as their first language, our presenters (certified bee whisperers) have more experience than you can poke a hive tool at. Luckily for participants, they are more than willing to share their extensive beekeeping knowledge and experiences to ensure that you have a smooth transition from a ‘keeper of bees’ to a beekeeper.

Please contact CIT for further details and to register, thank you.

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