American Foulbrood


Thanks for these two additional data points @BBH, the photo speaks a thousand words.

I have added these AFB events to the bee disease notification page here:

I have also updated the bee disease map to only show recent instances (last 90 days)

Incredible that it’s Latham again… and the proximity to Giralang as shown on the map suggests anyone in between the two suburbs should be looking at the brood in their hives at the next opportunity.

If you find anything, let us know so we can advise others.


Thanks for updating the map. It really helps me since I’m not an ACT native. I’ve also been wondering where the Queenbeyan outbreak was in relationship to the Jerrabomberra wetlands and the hive there.


We’ve had another case confirmed in Melba 2615 with 3 hives affected.

I will add it to the map when I get a minute, but looking at the map, it sits in the middle of the other reported cases.

If you are Northside… check your hives!


Melba? Damn, that’s a bit close to home (Evatt near Copland and Owen Dixon). I got a warning e-mail from the Govt today, so maybe that’s why. I made a fairly thorough inspection a couple of weeks back and everything looked good (one colony super strong and no hint of problems, and the other building up strongly again after the Queen failed, but with excellent brood pattern now).

I’ll have to keep a close eye on them. It’s a shame the govt won’t give more detail…like a street vicinity. They hold that back for privacy reasons.


If only there was a vaccine or something for AFB