ACT Beekeepers Code of Practice - 3 years on

With the ACT Beekeepers Code of Practice launched in 2014, and this updated at least once since then to fix the ‘errors’ within it when first released, I wonder how many ACT beekeepers are bothering to do their best to comply with it. The reason for asking this question stems from the beekeeping meeting I attended during the week where I met another member of the club who was openly boasting that he has fifteen (15) permanent hives on his suburban block…, I am sorry but I had to walk away shaking my head wondering what race to the top this beekeeper thought they were in.

It is fully appreciated that bees, being what they are, like to expand and starting new colonies is all well and good plus a whole lot of fun. I also openly acknowledge that its very easy to get to four (4) hives without too much trouble which is all well and good not to mention in compliance with the Code of Practice’; that is for those us fortunate enough to be on a suburban block that is larger than 600m2 but smaller than 1,000m2. But fifteen (15) permanent hives on one (1) suburban block, OMG! If each colony needs just one (1) litre of water a day in Summer, noting that they collect water all year round but Summer is classically a time of the year where it can be a little harder for them to secure, where are these fifteen (15) securing all their Summer water needs from?

Anyway, certainly is food for thought!


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