8 frame, 4 box full depth hive for reluctant sale


I have a 4 box (full depth) 8 frame box hive for reluctant sale, you’ll get;

1 x base
4 x full depth 8 frame Supers (3 x wood and 1 x plastic - Parker Brand)
32 x full depth frames, all drawn out with new wax
1 x emlock fastner
1 x galvanised tin lid cover

50,000+ bees, nice girls, very productive, I have harvested once this season already,
disease and pest free, no chalk brood or any small hive beetle or any other nasties,

Stong hive, buyer wont be disappointed with this great hive.

also have as part of the sale

1 x stainless steel smoker
1 x stainless steel J shape hive tool
1 x medium sized twin mesh layer bee suit (as new) OzArmour brand
1 x medium sized pair of gloves, OzArmour brand

all up $550.00

Clearly this set up cost me more to establish this just 12 months ago, but it is what it is and its time to let the hive be enjoyed by another wishing to keep bees or expand their number of hives.

I am in Evatt and bees will need to be collected from here by buyer with a ute or a trainer as its currently 4 boxes high so naturally wont fit in a car or on a motorbike (LOL).

Please text me on 0404 389 227 in the first instance as I am in the garden typically and this will be best, happy then to call you back.

Thank you


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