5G telecommunications network - possible effect on bees

The May edition of beekeepers.asn.au published an article about Dr Mark Greco’s co-authored paper in ‘NATURE’. It says that "the proposed 5G telecommunications network will produce biological effects that might change the way bees and other insects pollinate our crops and native plants."
Doesn’t it sound frightening? Shall we live in a world of electromagnetic fields created by 5G telcos network with bees pollinating plants at an untested environment of electromagnetic field? Does anybody hear about the possible effect of 5G on bees?

Here’s the original article: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-018-22271-3

This was a modelling study on general insects so still a lot of unknowns here about responses of actual bees. Regardless, it will no doubt trigger more biological studies on this topic which hopefully will help us know more before any mass rollout of new telecommunications systems.

Hi Rachel, Thank you for responding with the link to the original article. How good it is to have public access to this article. Starting with biological studies, then continue with mass-rollout seem to be the ideal way to go. :smiley: