2017 Spring honey harvest is on in Canberra (Sept 25th)

Hello fellow ACT beekeepers,

we were checking our suburban Canberra hives today and identified in these over wintered colonies capped frames of honey just in. These frames have been filled with local Ironbark honey that the bees have been collecting actively since its been in full flower for the past week. These frames were only recently added to this colony as sticky frames removed from the the cool-room where they had been stored away from any wax moth that could damaged them.

I can only assume that other ACT beekeepers are experiencing similar harvests…, regardless of their hive type all be it that these frames were harvested from TechnosetBee bee hives.

This should indicate another good honey harvest year for Canberra beekeepers, anyone strong enough is welcome to pop around and see how long they can hold these full frames of honey over their head, LOL!!!

As they say, don’t forget to eat your honey…



Don’t live in ACT but I pulled 4 medium frames and 2 deep frames from my hives yesterday, it was very hard to extract being so cold, but here is the bounty.

Tastes pretty darn good too


I will be checking my girls this weekend. Hopes are high that the Colorado top box, already featured here, will have the liquid gold.



Went through a couple of supers today and the signs are all good

Some frames that were overwintered in the super, this one is fully capped, and heavy…

and the following frame is full and currently being capped:

More impressively, here are two frames that went in as foundation two weeks ago! These are already being capped, so another super being added on Monday

Close up showing just how full these frames are:

Bit more honey from the girls today.

Looking good there @Lenr! :sunglasses:

Are all seven frames in the box capped?

All but one of the frames was fully capped.
The one that was not was fully capped, on one side it was and the other side was about a third capped, I did the shake test and no honey came out so it was good to go.

I have a lot of uncapped honey in the 2 hives I am pulling frames from.
A lot of gums flowering up here at the moment and canola finished a couple of weeks ago

Honey extracted.
8 kilos from 6 deep frames and 1 ideal frame :hugs:

Not sure if that is good or not, but I am excited.

Hello All,

I think I will be extracting this Sunday coming. I looked in the hive on Tuesday and they are capping out the frames. Sunday should see them done. Nine 3/4 frames and 1 ideal.



What’s with both of you have one ideal frame?

A beekeeping trick I haven’t been shown? :smiley:

Stuff knows how I managed it. Somewhere I must have a 3/4 frame in a full depth box. I need a lone 3/4 frame from you. The girls are hammering.