2017 Beekeeping Training Courses - Canberra & Surrounds Positions Available‬


2017 Beekeeping Training Courses - Canberra & Surrounds Positions Available‬

The great news is that we are again running our beekeeping training courses for those new and old to beekeeping.

Feedback from past participants includes;

“wow, I thought I new a thing or two about beekeeping but the course has been a real eye opener.”

" great pace, leant a lot and I have kept bees for years…"

" Thanks for helping me to evolve into a beekeeper, prior to this clearly I was just a keeper of bees."

Small class sizes, emphasis on hands on beekeeping with significant (real) time every session with honeybees, beehives and all things honey related.

Full protective clothing and all associated equipment including the bees supplied, so no need to bring your own.

What is the background of your beekeeping course presenters? - Raised on royal jelly from infancy with the waggle dance as their first language, our presenters (certified bee whisperers) have more experience than you can poke a hive tool at. Luckily for participants, they are more than willing to share their extensive beekeeping knowledge and experiences to ensure that you have a smooth transition from a ‘keeper of bees’ to a beekeeper.

Contact us for further details and to register, thank you.

Eric (a.k.a. The Bee Whisperer)

Tel: 0414 501 578

email: ‪bbh@iinet.net.au‬‬‬


The list of courses has now been updated with February 2018 dates.



After several requests for refresher courses, we have managed to squeeze some in on two Sundays in February.

They are now listed in the drop down boxes here:

Thanks to everyone that has been involved in making the courses such a great success this season! :honeybee: :smiley::+1:


Date: Sunday 18th
Price: $145.00 all-inclusive (lunch and light refreshments provided)
Availability: Now booking, positions available!

Course Summary:
Okay, so you have completed one of our ‘Beekeeping as a Hobby’ workshops and you are now managing a hive or two - congratulations.

But you have also discovered since starting your journey into the world of beekeeping that there are a couple of things (or more) that you would like to gain a clearer understanding of, now that you are starting to better understand the bees.

The day starts with a quick refresher on all the basics to reaffirm all that you already know, but may have overlooked or forgotten.

As you will recall, all of our sessions are ‘hands on’ and you will be immersed in the apiary with the bees from the outset.

During the course we cover the following topics in detail:

Getting the most out of your smoker - so it never lets you down
Swarm management techniques (prevention & management)
Hive merging & splitting
Marking queens
Requeening & queenless hives
Feeding your bees - what, when, how and why
Pest and disease identification and control methods
Celebrating the harvest - honey, pollen, propolis & bees wax
Seasonal hive management techniques - what, when, how and why
Summary & FAQ’s - lets debunk those urban myths and set the record straight once and for all

The day starts at 9:00am and finishes 5 hours later at 2:00pm, with 30 minutes set aside for the lunch break.

Please complete the registration form attached (pdf) and either email or text it back (photo completed form).

Welcome to the refresher beekeeping course 2018.pdf (55.6 KB)