2016-2017 ACT Honey Season - reflection of results

I thought I would share a few thoughts with fellow ACT based beekeepers now that Winter is finally here and reflect on the 2016-17 honey season. Whilst its appreciated that a number at the local club are complaining tat it was a very poor season, frankly I am at a loss to understand their poor results as the hives that we have out and about throughout Canberra suburbs have done well will honey harvested from each of these throughout the season. These hives are located in various locations, North and South of the CDB and even one in the CBD.

  1. Giralang saw 3 x WSP depth 10 frame Supers harvested from a single hive,
  2. Rivett saw 1 x WSP depth 10 frame Super harvested from a single hive,
  3. Holder saw 2 x WSP depth 10 frame Supers harvested from two hives,
  4. Pialligo saw 12 x WSP depth 10 frame Supers harvested from 10 hives,
  5. Monash saw 90 litres harvested from four hives, all full depth 10 frame, and
  6. Womboin saw 1 x WSP depth 10 frame Super harvested from a single hive,

So, was there any honey about in the ACT in 2016-2017, yeah there certainly was and our bees certainly had no real problems harvesting it. I also know other beekeepers who have bees in Chifley, Chapman, Mawson & Calwell that also had good results and have harvested enough of a surplus to be quietly happy with their results, and that of their bees.

A talk to a local horticultural group by a local beekeeper during the week that I heard of where it was stated that there was no ACT honey harvested in the 2016-2017 season is frankly laughable not to mention a little disturbing. I am unsure why any local beekeeper would state this. Was it a great honey harvest year, certainly not, but nor was it a zero harvest year and perhaps those that didn’t harvest any honey whatsoever need to have a rethink of what went wrong and what can they do to turn their fortunes and that of the insects in their care around for the 2017-18 honey season in the ACT.

I am certainly very interested in hearing and and for that matter seeing the results from others on this forum for the honey season just gone.

Lastly, for anyone wanting to buy some of the local 2016-2017 seasons honey is, as always, most welcome to give me a call, lol …


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2017 Giralang honey harvest snapshot

2017 Holder honey harvest snapshot

Please post more honey porn; especially with Nigella.