Solar Wax Melter - A Flash One


Hello Team,

I trust this not finds you well. I went mad the other day and agreed to buy an Italian made solar wax melter. It was about half price on one seasons use. So I got it yesterday and it has been going this afternoon.

The capacity is a LOT bigger than the standard home made brocelli box. It takes two full pillow cases of frames and wax. The dead pillow cases catch the bits of bees etc.

It is slow, four hours of full Sun gave a little dribble of wax, but the wax was frozen to kick off with.

I think tomorrow afternoon will be a better indication. The wax coming through was a light yellow to a medium yellow and looks very clean.

I will post pictures tomorrow,




Italian made solar wax melter?.. I thought the 30 million lotto jackpot was won by someone in Tasmania?

You’ve got me guessing.

Was it a Quarti?


Saf Natura?


That’s EXACTLY what I bought.


With the green. very shiny!


You pick it up from Hiveworks? I will have to check it out when I am picking up that honey press :wink:


It was advertised in the ABK. Had to pick up at Caves Beach yesterday, first time at Caves Beach since 70/71. Fitted in the boot, as it breaks down a reasonable amount. It’s a two person lift as it’s big. Pop round to have a look if you want.


Hello Team,

I have attached a picture of the progress of the melter over what have not been all that warm days. I am shocked at how much passenger honey has come out of the various wax plugs that are being rendered.




Most of this was this week and most over a day. Once it warms up a bit the melter really gets cooking.


With the warmer weather the power of the thing is astounding. Coated wooden frames made thin. If you have enough hives a worthwhile bit of kit.




Completely agree. I have borrowed a simple melter from @bbh and the speed at which it can strip a frame is amazing. It can fit three Ideals, and I did nine Ideals in a few hours, swapping them through during the heat of the day. :sun_with_face: :+1:


Mine will do more than triple that. I have taken to double filtering it, mostly because I can. Yes it is crazy.