Small Hive Beetle SHB - Beetlejail traps for honey bee hives


Hello fellow beekeepers

we have a new product that we have added to our product range namely the Beetlejail, this is a U.S. designed trap that effectively catches SHB and they in turn act as bait and a great place to ‘hang out’ for other SHB to climb into and then get caught.

I typically add a small amount of vegetable oil in the trap that then drowns the captured beetles, anyway let me know if you need any as happy to post out where necessary.

This video posted by the inventor/designer shows their ease of use and effectiveness.

I like the added benefit that they are refillable and manufactured from safe food grade plastic are reusable and are easily cleaned and refilled to extend their use past single use which is common in many SHB trap designs.

Traps are available for $6.00 each or $10.00 for a pair.




Hi Eric. May I order two please to try? I like the idea that they are washable. I tried washing one of the older ones and it didn’t work out well at all.

Just a random question - when will I need to think about giving a frame of honey back to my girls? When the warmer weather hits? We moved one of my hives the other day and it was still very heavy. They must be rationing their food well!


Hi Eric, Can I order a pair of Beetlejail traps. Thanks.


Hello everyone

just a reminder that Small Hive Beetle are very active in the at present and are also present in swarms, I am happy to post out traps for those that want them just text me your email address and postal address and I can do the rest.

The beetle jails from the US are a great trap and as they can be easily cleaned they offer a real advantage over various other designs that are single use and hence not so environmental friendly.


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