Recreating the Modified Dadant / Dadant-Blatt brood frame

Thanks for this write-up. I am doing a talk on frame design at the Eastern Apiculture Society called the frame game in a few weeks. One element of the topics is about frame size and the approach of spanning two boxes as you’ve illustrated here. I would like to ask if you would permit me to use two images in my talk the Frame Game. If so I will give full credit and not pass them off as mine. Also, I will not use them unless permission is granted.

Incidentally, I have a friend who has done this in one of his Langstroth hives this year and he’s just seeing it build out this spring. We are following the progress of the hive and to me it is pretty similar to the Layens hive that I put in service this spring. I like to play around with alternative hives and plan to get a Dadant-Blatt hive in the yard one day. I saw them when I traveled to Italy and I am intrigued.

Thanks for the consideration.

My name is Kevin Inglin and I can be reached at

The next iteration of this hive standardises on WSP rather than Ideal, creating an even deeper brood frame and slightly deeper supers (WSP over Ideal):

Left to right: WSP Unreal, Unreal, 2 x stacked/spaced Ideal, Standard Langstroth

I am happy for the images to be used in a talk if they are credited with the URL, and if you could post a link back to your talk/slide deck from this site it would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Thanks for that. I’ll be sure to do as requested. Kevin