Openings in top bar hives


Hi Guys, just finished construction of a TBH. (See attached photos) As you notice I have not yet provided the openings. there appear to be some different opinions of where to put the openings , size and numbers. Personally I would prefer openings in the centre of the side wall and gradually extend the bars symmetrically around the centre in both directions. Does anybody have experience with this Would appreciate some advise.



I would recommend a side access point

As you can expand the hive in 2 directions

This also moves the entrance from the Hive legs making it harder for the entry of vermin and other unwanted creatures


Hi Dave, thanks for responding. This would be my preferred option too. Just leaves the issue about the number and size of the openings. This may not be that crucial, since the bees did not have any problems with the one of bung hole in my wine barrel.:smile:




I have seen 3 holes work well

You make the holes to a size that you can stopper them with a Champagne bottle cork

That way you can open and close the holes to suit the bees activity


Looking good! As far as I understand, the thinking on entrance hole location is to do with flexibility. With holes towards the ends you can split the hive into two colonies. A hole near the centre is seems to be standard for a single colony.