Cutting board hive mats


Has anyone tried to make a hive mat from a flexible cutting board?

They are made from food safe plastic, unlike linoleum flooring. They also seem more durable than plastic table cloth, though harder to cut.

Links are to example products.


Haven’t seen it used before, but looks like a good option. I’d make sure they are flexible enough to bend back on themselves, as bees will quickly use propolis to glue them down to the top of the top bars. Using the table cloth allows you to ‘peel’ the cover away when it gets glued down.

18x12 would be almost perfect for an 8 frame hive, probably a bit narrow for a 10 frame. Let us know how it goes :smiley:


I found this too. Silicon! Bake in the oven to clean it up.


I ended up using a silicon baking mat. I got a pack of three sizes. The middle one seemed the best. I have a crown board on above the brood mat. The bees are able to get around it to the feeder. The larger one would be good as a Mercer mat if I cut a hole in the middle.