Best position for ideal super on a flow hive?

Hi everyone. My first post here. I am from Melbourne suburbia so winter can be mild. General nectar flow from Oct to Feb but bees will still forage till Apr/May depending on weather/temp.

Anyways, my end goal is to have 2 flow hives. That’s all i can have in backyard plus that is the prerequisite from the Boss (my wife :wink:) as not allowed to use her kitchen and I dont have a garage or big enough shed for extraction. But firstly I will be starting with one hive this coming spring. After reading lots of postings, I am thinking of going with a 8 Frame FD Lang brood box (transferring from a 5 frame nuc that i should receive in Oct), then adding an Ideal super with a QX when the brood box is filled out. Thinking only of using an ideal super for this first year cos there may not be enough time to fill a flow super or a FD super. Hopefully able to harvest a frame or 2 of honeycomb to have a taste from the ideal super. Then overwinter with QX out. Once I come out of winter next year, and able to take advantage of the nectar flow from the start, i will put the QX back above the brood box and add the Flow super (will rub some on wax on the frames as preparation) but should I add the flow super above the ideal super or below it to get the flow super going. This is just planning ahead to give me some ideas what to do. I probably will need to do a small split for swarm prevention for my second hive to get that going as well. Probably following the same strategy as the first hive. Sorry long post just to ask one question :smile: Any other comments on what I am thinking of doing is also welcome.

A few beeks here are telling me to use both brood and super FD, rather than Ideal super. Not sure if that will affect the flow super effectiveness if the hive has to fill up a FD super first.

Forgot to add, thinking of using foundationless frames.

Thanks in advance

Hi Eric,
Not sure of how your location is however this is what I did.
Got my Nuc, installed them in a FD Langstroth 8 frame. Left them alone for two weeks , I could see they were busy. On inspection the colony was nicely established and working on drawing comb towards the outer frames. Checked again in another two weeks and they were busy on the outside frames with lots of brood and resources in the hive.
Put the flow super on , with excluder, and left them to it. Around xmas I pulled maybe 4 frames off them, a couple months later another two.
In the first season I left two flow frames on them for winter however this year being drier I have taken the supers away and am pursuing a different strategy.
In the first season I did split a nuc away from that hive, after that I had success just moving half of the brood frames above the excluder making sure the queen is still below, and replacing them with new frames for the colony to work on. After the frames I moved had hatched I removed them from the super. I cycled them back into the brood nest at a later time.
The size of your super is your choice, however if your using a flow super I don’t think you will need an intermediate super of a different type.
Anyway, good luck with it.